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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ice hockey

Written by Schö (status: tired)

Hi guys!

Anteeksi (sry) for the silence in here but as it is now business as usual here in Helsinki there is not so much to tell (and I don’t want to write about all the parties which are going on, it would be too much :) ).

Well, today nearly all the Erasmusstudents went to Pasila (near Helsinki) to the ice hockey stadium where a friendship tournament between Finland, Russia, Czech Republic and Sweden took place. We watched two games: Russia-Czech Republic and Sweden-Finland. The pictures will tell you on which side we were. It was a good choice because our team won the tournament!! SU-O-MI! SU-O-MI!!!

Yesterday there was the first big party in my students dormitory due to the fact that we have now the key to the party room. I really enjoyed it going to a party in my slippers but too many vodka shots forced me to fall into my bed very early.

This week we will visit Moscow and St.Petersburg. If you are interested in what we are doing there: You can find some information about the trip here. Pictures will follow.


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