Suomi: A new experience.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Written by Schö & Wallace

Party in Finland is always exciting, especially with Fins, because they have so many strange patterns of behavior. Wednesday we joined the law-students who organized a trip to a cottage, which is situated 60km from Helsinki. I thought it would be a small cottage for ten people, but we were two busses with approximately 120 students. Most of them were Finns (except our little group of exchange students - we were ten).

The drinking already started in the bus with the obligatory drinking song:

Wer im Jänner Geburtstag hat steht auf, steht auf, steht auf,
er nimmt sein Gläschen in die Hand und sauft es aus bis an den Rand, sauf aus, sauf aus, sauf aus!

Of course they sing it in finish! The trip was well organized. Five minutes after arriving at the cottage they started to cook and after one hour we sat down at the table and the singing really began. For two hours they sang as it were the last thing they can do! As the lyrics were printed and available for everyone, we also tried to sing those finish songs.

Some of the Erasmusstudents decided to reveal their true ethnicity.

Then the sauna was heated and there were people in the sauna all night long! We stayed there for one hour, only interrupted by jumping in the lake(we did it three times: sauna- lake- sauna- lake- sauna- lake!)

Each Saturday we will have private sauna. Normally sauna is not mixed. But if you book the sauna you can do whatever you want ;)


  • so jetzt hab i mi endlich mal angmeldet damit i euch tyrannisieren kann :>

    By Blogger gue, at 5:21 PM  

  • Ich hab das Kommentarsystem geändert. Jetzt kann jeder seinen Senf abgeben ohne sich einloggen zu muessen! (Des war uebrigens eine Aufforderung) gruess euch ganz nett! - schö

    By Blogger Schö, at 12:52 PM  

  • Jaja, nur Party und nix uni, hamma schu gern, eh schu wissn ;-) (aba ghert eh so)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:03 PM  

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