Suomi: A new experience.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Written by Schö

Last weekend I visited the small city Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä is the city where Gü&Angie spent their exchange last semester.

I asked their friend Annukka if I could stay some days at her flat. The response: „Kein Problem, komm vorbei.“ Annukka speaks German very well because she studied one year in Germany.

Friday we visited Gü’s favorite bar: Vakiopaine (Constant pressure).
Saturday Annukka and her friends showed me around: a ski jump, a big modern university spread over the city, a hill with a tower and a short shopping street. That was everything. I asked Annukka and her friends if there is something else I should visit: nil return.

In the evening I took my crone and my queen (Annukkas flatmate) and we went out to a private party. Finns are nice and friendly people, I can just repeat that.
After the party we went to the new club “Gigglingmarlin” and stayed there until morning.

Sunday: hangover. We watched Annukkas favorite series “Green Wing”.
In the evening I went back to Helsinki (4 hours).

Vielen Dank Annukka!!!!

Unfortunately I forgot the camera. But a post without a picture is no post:
Helsinki Beach.


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