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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A weekend in Tallinn (Estonia)

Written by Schö

Last weekend I visited the smallest country I have been so far: Estonia.
Some short facts about Estonia:

Area: 45,226 km²
Population: 1,350,000
Ethnic groups: Estonian 70%, Russian 25%

Currency: Estonian kroon (1 Euro = 15,5 kroons)
Member of the EU since 2004

We (I went there together with Bea) started the trip at the harbour of Helsinki. There we took the ferry “Rosella” ( It took the ferry three hours to transport us to Tallinn. On the ferry a band played old, romantic songs and some old people were dancing. So we decided to pay 19 euros in order to be able to enter the all-you-can-eat restaurant. The food was delicious.. mmmmmhhhh.., but it made me carelessly and I wanted to be a typical fin and so I lost some euros at the slot machine.
In Tallinn we got lost and it took us nearly one hour to find the proper trolley-bus which took us to a young girl (Jenny). I found Jenny through, consider this great website! She gave us her keys and left us alone in her flat because she had to collect her father from the airport. On that Friday we went out in the “hippest” locations in Tallinn. We visited an exclusive cocktail bar in Viru Keskus (big, modern shopping mall). After some cocktails we visited the club Decolté, where Arash played his song “Bora Bora” and some other strange songs. It isn’t the kind of music I like, but the girls in the club, which were dressed like bitches, made up for this. ;)
On Saturday we wanted to be typical tourists and so we made a sightseeing tour. Our hopes that Estonia is a country with low prices died after visiting some shops. The only things which are really cheap in Tallinn are food and drinks.
In the evening we visited an Indian restaurant and afterwards we drunk some beers in a small bar which is located near the main square of the old city of Tallinn. After the bar was closed we took a taxi which should carry us back home. Unfortunately the Russian taxi driver got lost.
On Sunday Jenny drove us to a lovely restaurant, to the beach and finally to the harbour.


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