Suomi: A new experience.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My flat (again) and Internet in Finland.

Written by Schö

Today I will present some pictures of what you get for 350€/month. My room has 23 m² and my first impression was not the best but now I’m really happy with it. Just look at the pictures.

If someone considers it lovely – everyone is invited!!

I had to organize my internet access on my own. The price for an ADSL connection was unexpected low:

256/256 kbit/s 17,90 /month
512/512 kbit/s 19,90/ month
1M/512 kbit/s 24,90/ month
2M/512 kbit/s 34,90/ month
8/1 Mbit/s Full Rate 44,90/ month

No download limit, no additional costs for the router ore some other costs!
I took the second one. What are the current rates in Austria?

My computer arrived in Finland some days after me! It took the postal way. The parcel was badly damaged and I had no hope that it would work. But after putting it together and pressing the power button it worked. Unfortunately I had no monitor. So I went to a strange second-hand computer shop nearby my flat and I asked the Russian seller what the price of the monitor was. He wasn’t able to speak one English word, but, don’t ask me how, ten minutes later I bought one for only 15€. I hope I will never be that drunken that I put a beer on my unprotected computer components...

(View from my flat over Helsinki)


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