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Monday, September 26, 2005

Doing some work and Austrian dialect

Written by Wallace

As you can see, an Erasmus semester is much fun. Nevertheless some work has to be done. As I mentioned our course “Context Aware Computing” has already started. The draft of our paper is finalized now! First proof of not just doing party here in Finland :-)

The last days I had some time to explore the campus at our technical university called "Kumpula". Hey, I have to say the fins really try to boost their universities with very new equipment and we have to say that there all computer terminals work per default under Linux. Yes, you are able to boot to windows, but it seems they don' t want you to work under this platform because it is not configured and works very slow. Loitering around the campus I found the old PC of Linus Torvalds. He was studying here, and now things became clearer.

Tomorrow we are starting with our seminar work on the finish sauna culture. It deals about the behaviour of different nations in sauna. We discovered in our research that most people from France and Belgium refuse to be fully naked. Actually sauna became more and more important in my life. In my student dormitory there are three different saunas and I try to make two sauna days a week. Next month we will make a mixed sauna on every Saturday in a private rented sauna. Yes, we try to become real finns!

Today my friend Tobias from Switzerland tried to improve his (he thinks) very good Austrian dialect. After doing some training with Tobi I think the result is quite ok, but hear for yourself!

Tobias from Switzerland tries to speak Austrian dialect.

If you guys think the weather here in Helsinki is bad you are on the wrong way. Only about two short rainy days in three sunny weeks are the reality. Sitting on the beach with some friends and hearing K & D, hey that's Erasmus!


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