Suomi: A new experience.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

beeing ill and do some work

Written by Wallace

hi guys !

Actually back from our really great trip from Russia we have some final work to do for our final paper in context aware computing. But in these busy times my body starts to say "NO". Getting temperature, headache and cough. Just to say I have a kind of flu.
But final presentation has to be done and an exam in "finish economy" has to be written. Using some Aspirins i made it.

Poor me!

Thanks to the swiss people in my floor supported me these days with serving dinner and so on ....
Our final seminar-presentation we did in the same building where F-Secure has it's development department, cool. Thanks to Schö and Mattjes from Holland for the well done work !

Mattjes(NL), Schö and Wallace after the presentation in the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT).

Friday, November 25, 2005


Written by Schö

Last week we had the big opportunity to explore the people, culture and party life of Moscow and St.Petersburg. It was a mixture between heavy sightseeing and party excesses. The trip was organized by Zerkalo (a travel agency organizing trips to Russia) and we went there together with approximately fifty other Erasmus students. We crossed the border without any problems in a Russian night train and arrived in Moscow Tuesday morning. The first great experience followed immediately: We took the metro of Moscow during the morning rush-hour. After a short walking (crossing the Red Square, Kremlin and Saint Basil's Cathedral, we checked in in our hotel which is one of the biggest in Russia and which is located very central, next to the Kremlin. However, Putin don’t like the view from the Kremlin because the hotel is not a masterpiece of architecture – so it want be there next year.

Some funny experiences: Russians talk to you in Russian and they don’t care if you can understand them or not. It is strictly forbidden to pee in the streets, but they don’t care about air pollution (the whole city smells like an old gas station).

Saint Basil's Cathedral (left to right: Gossi(CH), Fenix(HK), Schö, Christiane(CH), Wallace, Lucas(FR), Karina(AT), Romain(FR))

The price level in Moscow and St. Petersburg is nearly the same as in European cities, but we had always in our mind that it is cheap because that was what we expected of Russia. That resulted in a rapid decrease of our roubles.

Going out in Russia is much fun – Russian girls like European guys. ^^

In St. Petersburg we took an old “black taxi” (unofficial taxi). The “car” (car is too favourable for that vehicle) was meant for a maximum of five people – we were seven…

But that’s enough for now, just look at the pictures!

Gossi started an attack. We are in front of just another church.

In the Rossija Hotel*** ( row l to r: Karina, Christiane, Gossi,Wallace
2nd row l to r: Lucas, Fenix
3rd row l to r: Romain, Chinese girl :) )

Going out in Moscow (or Las Vegas??) (l to r: Schö, Romain, Wallace, Fenix)

On the bridge over the Moscow River.
(l to r: Christiane, Schö, Romain, Lucas, Fenix, Wallace, Gossi)

Wallace in front of the "Tsar bell" - the biggest bell of the world.
It weights about 202 ton and is 6,14 meter high.

Evening rush hour in Moscow.
(View from the Moscow Bridge)

The Rossija Hotel is one of the world largest hotels, registered in the Guinness Book of Records. It is like a visit card or the face of Moscow. The Rossija hotel has 3100 rooms for 5500 guests.
We were some of them.

Brands help you to learn the Russian alphabet.

A black taxi (just a private car).

I made this picture inside the Hermitage Museum. You can see the Winter Palace of St. Petersburg. The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the largest, oldest and most important art galleries in the world.

You should be able to read it!

State Historical Museum, as seen from Red Square.

The first snow this winter in St. Petersburg.

Our guide Jukka (in the middle with the long blond hair). He was never alone (his bottle of alcohol was normaly in his right hand).

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ice hockey

Written by Schö (status: tired)

Hi guys!

Anteeksi (sry) for the silence in here but as it is now business as usual here in Helsinki there is not so much to tell (and I don’t want to write about all the parties which are going on, it would be too much :) ).

Well, today nearly all the Erasmusstudents went to Pasila (near Helsinki) to the ice hockey stadium where a friendship tournament between Finland, Russia, Czech Republic and Sweden took place. We watched two games: Russia-Czech Republic and Sweden-Finland. The pictures will tell you on which side we were. It was a good choice because our team won the tournament!! SU-O-MI! SU-O-MI!!!

Yesterday there was the first big party in my students dormitory due to the fact that we have now the key to the party room. I really enjoyed it going to a party in my slippers but too many vodka shots forced me to fall into my bed very early.

This week we will visit Moscow and St.Petersburg. If you are interested in what we are doing there: You can find some information about the trip here. Pictures will follow.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Design museum

Written by Wallace

Today inspired from an artikle in the austrian newspaper standard stefan and me visited the design museum in helsinki. First getting a bit lost we found it near the old area of helsinki. Getting in without paying i started to take pictures with my digicam... seconds later a young lady was complainig to me that this is forbidden. So I can show you just these view pictures. It was quite ok but searching in the design shops placed near the museum at Frederikinkatu is more fun.

Later I bought in one of the alko shops a real austrian Stroh rum

Trying to look interested.

Modern "design" chairs.

Probably the best object, but it was not part of the exhibition: Stickers from visitors on a pedestal.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Stockholm trip

Written by Schö & Wallace

This week we decided to take part in a short trip to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

We took the ferry Mariella (Viking Line). The ship set of to sea at 5:30 pm from Helsinki. We had a small cabin together with a German and a French guy. As we had to stay on the ship for approximately 12 h, we first decided to discover the big boat. And there was everything you could imagine: casino, night club, cafe, restaurant, swimming pool, duty free shop, congress center and….. try to imagine… four saunas (ok, it’s not so funny anymore). The whole trip, 12h ship - 8h Stockholm - 12h ship + breakfast was awful cheap: 25 €!

At the beginning of our trip they made a karaoke night in the nightclub “Club 7” on the boat. Crazy Finns and of course some Erasmus students were singing Finnish songs. It seems that the Finns like karaoke even more than the Japanese. Then the DJ of the club started his work and we were drunken enough to enjoy it.

We arrived next day in Stockholm at about 9:40 am. We were brave enough to get up. Stockholm has a very beautiful old city centre with many small streets (a little bit like Venice). We visited the famous Vasa museum . In this museum you can have a look at one of the biggest ships built in the 16th century: the Vasa.

Schö in "Club 7".Vasa museum.View from our cabin, unfortunately just a fake.Sweden.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Written by Schö

Last weekend I visited the small city Jyväskylä. Jyväskylä is the city where Gü&Angie spent their exchange last semester.

I asked their friend Annukka if I could stay some days at her flat. The response: „Kein Problem, komm vorbei.“ Annukka speaks German very well because she studied one year in Germany.

Friday we visited Gü’s favorite bar: Vakiopaine (Constant pressure).
Saturday Annukka and her friends showed me around: a ski jump, a big modern university spread over the city, a hill with a tower and a short shopping street. That was everything. I asked Annukka and her friends if there is something else I should visit: nil return.

In the evening I took my crone and my queen (Annukkas flatmate) and we went out to a private party. Finns are nice and friendly people, I can just repeat that.
After the party we went to the new club “Gigglingmarlin” and stayed there until morning.

Sunday: hangover. We watched Annukkas favorite series “Green Wing”.
In the evening I went back to Helsinki (4 hours).

Vielen Dank Annukka!!!!

Unfortunately I forgot the camera. But a post without a picture is no post:
Helsinki Beach.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Written by Schö & Wallace

Party in Finland is always exciting, especially with Fins, because they have so many strange patterns of behavior. Wednesday we joined the law-students who organized a trip to a cottage, which is situated 60km from Helsinki. I thought it would be a small cottage for ten people, but we were two busses with approximately 120 students. Most of them were Finns (except our little group of exchange students - we were ten).

The drinking already started in the bus with the obligatory drinking song:

Wer im Jänner Geburtstag hat steht auf, steht auf, steht auf,
er nimmt sein Gläschen in die Hand und sauft es aus bis an den Rand, sauf aus, sauf aus, sauf aus!

Of course they sing it in finish! The trip was well organized. Five minutes after arriving at the cottage they started to cook and after one hour we sat down at the table and the singing really began. For two hours they sang as it were the last thing they can do! As the lyrics were printed and available for everyone, we also tried to sing those finish songs.

Some of the Erasmusstudents decided to reveal their true ethnicity.

Then the sauna was heated and there were people in the sauna all night long! We stayed there for one hour, only interrupted by jumping in the lake(we did it three times: sauna- lake- sauna- lake- sauna- lake!)

Each Saturday we will have private sauna. Normally sauna is not mixed. But if you book the sauna you can do whatever you want ;)